What's GLUEscript?

GLUEscript (Glueing Libraries Using EcmaScript) is the successor of wxJavaScript. The new name covers the goal of this project: create a JavaScript engine which can be used as a general purpose language (like Perl for instance).

Read the history behind GLUEscript.

GLUEscript is developed by Franky Braem


GLUEscript uses SpiderMonkey, the JavaScript engine used in FireFox.


Portable Code

GLUEscript is written in portable C++ code. GLUEscript uses PoCo, a library for writing portable C++ code. And wxWidgets is used as GUI toolset. The GUI glue is optional.

Powered by POCO
Built with wxWidgets

GLUEscript uses Premake for generating makefiles for gcc, project files for Visual C++, CodeLite, Code::Blocks, ... Premake can be used on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

GLUEscript 0.1.04 released

This is the changelog:

  • Wrong line number reported on error on Windows
  • JS_C_STRINGS_ARE_UTF8 is not needed anymore, JS_CStringsAreUTF8 is called.
  • Windows: NSPR not included anymore because this resulted in a crash with Apache. NSPR must be build first, before building PocoSpiderMonkey.
  • Switch back to SpiderMonkey 1.8.0 on Windows: latest code (which wasn't released yet is not bug free). Make it possible to build GLUEscript with the latest and 1.8.0 (defines GLUE_JS_180).
  • Engine code is separated in a new static library. Hope one day, to make it dynamic.