What's GLUEscript?

GLUEscript (Glueing Libraries Using EcmaScript) is the successor of wxJavaScript. The new name covers the goal of this project: create a JavaScript engine which can be used as a general purpose language (like Perl for instance).

Read the history behind GLUEscript.

GLUEscript is developed by Franky Braem


GLUEscript uses SpiderMonkey, the JavaScript engine used in FireFox.


Portable Code

GLUEscript is written in portable C++ code. GLUEscript uses PoCo, a library for writing portable C++ code. And wxWidgets is used as GUI toolset. The GUI glue is optional.

Powered by POCO
Built with wxWidgets

GLUEscript uses Premake for generating makefiles for gcc, project files for Visual C++, CodeLite, Code::Blocks, ... Premake can be used on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

Don't waste your time on GLUEscript

Today I've stumbled upon an article "Don't waste your time on GLUEscript" written by Eugene Reimer.

This is my answer on his story: Why in the first place do I open my source code to the open source community? I hope it can be useful for other developers, users, ... around the world. Developers are free to use the code, change the code and contribute to the project. Do I have the knowledge of every single platform? No I don't and that's where I hope the open source community steps in and tries to help on the project. And some people do: "installing GLUEscript on debian squeeze 64bit". When I have a problem on the Poco library, I don't start a thread on my website and shout that Poco doesn't work: No, I try to share my problem on the forum or I try to solve the problem myself and share it with the Poco project members. That's the greatest thing about open source: If you can't solve it, maybe someone else can.

I know GLUEscript is not finished (will it ever?), but instead of ranting about the problems, Eugene could have send me a mail, entered a bug-report or mentioned the problems on the google group to make GLUEscript better. And for someone who knows every programming language, except Basic, it can't be a problem to dig in the code.

Every line of code in GLUEscript is written during spare-time. A blog-entry like this feels like a dagger in the back.

If you wish you can also discuss this topic in the Google group.