What's GLUEscript?

GLUEscript (Glueing Libraries Using EcmaScript) is the successor of wxJavaScript. The new name covers the goal of this project: create a JavaScript engine which can be used as a general purpose language (like Perl for instance).

Read the history behind GLUEscript.

GLUEscript is developed by Franky Braem


GLUEscript uses SpiderMonkey, the JavaScript engine used in FireFox.


Portable Code

GLUEscript is written in portable C++ code. GLUEscript uses PoCo, a library for writing portable C++ code. And wxWidgets is used as GUI toolset. The GUI glue is optional.

Powered by POCO
Built with wxWidgets

GLUEscript uses Premake for generating makefiles for gcc, project files for Visual C++, CodeLite, Code::Blocks, ... Premake can be used on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

First 0.2.00 release available

Today I've released the first version of GLUEscript in the 0.2.00 series. Because I've made the switch to an Ubuntu environment (32-bit), this release is a source code only release. This is a first release, so I assume there will be some bugs to hunt for. I hope some of who you can help to find them ...

The biggest changes are: Upgraded SpiderMonkey to 1.8.5, ctypes can be used, there's a PDF glue now, solved some bugs in MySQL glue, upgraded Poco to 1.4.3 and make it compile again on a Linux environment.

In the meantime I will try work on the documentation (moving to asciidoc). There is some info available on how to build GLUEscript in the asciidoc folder. When I get asciidoc working on my machine I will generate a more readable version of this document.

Other PDF Examples

Some new examples from the LibHaru glue.

Arc Demo
Permission Demo
Encryption Demo
Encoding List Demo

You can view the samples in the Git repository - branch 0.2.0.

PDF Examples

GLUEscript 0.2.0 will contain a glue for creating PDF's. It's based on LibHaru. LibHaru has some examples and to test the new glue, the examples are ported to JavaScript. These are some samples that are already ported:

Line Demo
Font Demo
Text Demo

You can view the samples in the Git repository - branch 0.2.0.

Progress 0.2.0

I'm working hard on release 0.2.0 of GLUEscript. At the moment these changes are available in the repository:

  • SpiderMonkey 1.8.5. Finally upgraded the JavaScript engine to 1.8.5. The engine isn't part any more of the GLUEscript repository. It must be build separately. Build instructions will be provided in the documentation.
  • CTypes is part of SpiderMonkey 1.8.5. In the binary release it's automatically available. When you build from source, you need to specify the correct build arguments.
  • JSON is part of SpiderMonkey 1.8.5.
  • Working hard on porting LibHaru, a C library for writing PDF's, to JavaScript. Some samples are already working.

Follow GLUEscript on Twitter, to get the latest news on the development of 0.2.0.

GLUEscript 0.1.09 released

Today GLUEscript 0.1.09 is released. This release contains a first version of a glue for MongoDB.
Next version will be 0.2.00 and will focus on upgrading SpiderMonkey to 1.8.5, upgrading several third-party libraries, adding PDF support and changing the docs into AsciiDoc.

The GPSEE integration is put on hold due to the fact that GPSEE doesn't compile on Windows.

GLUEscript 0.1.08 released

Today GLUEscript 0.1.08 is released. Major change are the new Grid classes in the wxWidgets glue. This is the change log:

  • wx: Size object can now be created without using 'new'
  • wx: tutorial on GLUEscript website is now also part of the documentation.
  • wx: added layoutmanagement to the tutorial
  • wx: added all Grid classes
  • data: glue_data.dll was missing in binary distribution
  • net: solved bug 3185691 - HTTPServer/TCPServer gc'ed to soon

GLUEscript 0.1.07 released

GLUEscript 0.1.07 is released on 15-01-2011. This is the changelog:

  • In net glue: added MailMessage, MailRecipient, PartHandler, SMTPClientSession, PartSource, StringPartSource, FilePartSource, NameValueCollection, HTTPMessage, MessageHeader classes
  • HTMLForm now uses NameValueCollection as prototype.
  • HTTPMessage: elements property is removed and replaced by getObject method on NameValueCollection
  • File uploads must now be done in JavaScript using the PartHandler class
  • Solved bug 3151953: mod_poco can't be loaded with POCO 1.4.0

GLUEscript 0.1.06 released

0.1.06 - Released on 17-12-2010

  • Upgrade POCO to 1.4.0
  • Upgrade SQLite to 3.7.4
  • Solve bug 3137398: glue crashes on end when wx glue wasn't loaded.
  • gluew added to run GLUEscript without a console window
  • First release of Data glue

Licence change

The next version of GLUEscript will be released using the EUPL license.

GLUEscript / GPSEE

The next version of GLUEscript will try to work together with GPSEE. GPSEE (pronounced "gypsy") is a platform for developing and running CommonJS programs, a general-purpose C API for embedding SpiderMonkey + CommonJS and a general-purpose C API for adding interoperability between JSAPI projects. This means that all the work that has to be done to get GLUEscript full compliant with the CommonJS standard, will be done by GPSEE. That way GLUEscript can focus on "glueing the libraries".

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